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Mobile VAT Screenings Now Available!

Mobile VAT Screenings as an option for those are unable to access HUBs in person and or have mobility and disability concerns. Be sure to read the policies and procedures outlined below for complete details on Mobile VAT Screenings and the referral process.


Coordinated Entry (CE)?

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Learn About Coordinated Entry in Kansas City

For information on case conferencing meetings, RRH & PSH, see FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are the HUBs & Shelters?

There are 5 Coordinated Entry Hubs scattered across Jackson County and Wyandotte County. A 1 Page Flyer of HUB Location and Emergency Shelters has been created for all community agencies to use when working with persons that are presenting as homeless. This 1-Page Flyer can be handed out to people that say they are in need of housing because they are homeless.

What is the Pre-Screen Tool?

To help the Kansas City community better understand the needs of the homeless, we are asking you to complete this form for each family or individual that self identifies as homeless. Once completed, please send these forms to the GKCCEH office (details are included on the form). The data collected from these forms will help our community better identify opportunities to better help our neighbors and will be shared quarterly. Any and all providers that comes in contact with any homeless individuals and/or families are being asked to fill out these pre-screen forms. The button below will allow you to print these forms for your agency or business.

When Does Rapid Rehousing Become Part of Coordinated Entry?

A group of RRH providers have been meeting with some members of the Coordinated Entry Work Group to work through concerns about launching RRH Placement Team meetings which include placing clients from the By Name List into all RRH openings.

Though this will be a bit messy to roll out, a decision has been made to just dive in and try. We need to have the process in place with policies and procedures by Jan 23, 2018, so now is the time to work on getting this right.

Here's how it will work for now:

  1. All RRH providers are invited to participate in this process, and work on phasing in all of your openings to this process as soon as possible.
  2. NOTE: ALL CoC & ESG programs have to be in compliance with Coordinated Entry Systems in their region, per HUD. Now's the time to see what that's all about!
  3. If you have clients you are currently working to house...great...continue doing that!
  4. As you identify additional resources/openings for your RRH programs, you are invited to come to the Placement Team Case Conferencing meetings and receive referrals from the By Name List for RRH.
  5. By Name List: People that are classified as CHRONIC and with A SCORE OF 20 AND BELOW, are where we are starting for the RRH BY NAME LIST. Additional system prioritization standards will be followed as well, per established Policies & Procedures. Adjustments may still be made to this but this has been decided to be the starting place.
When Do PSH Meetings Take Place?

Case conferencing meetings for Permanent Supportive Housing will now occur online in Go To Meeting every Monday at 3PM, ​EXCEPT ​the last Monday of the month.

Details for The last Monday of the month are as follows:

​Location: ​reStart HSC, ​1444 E 8th Street
Time: 3:00 pm

Virtual meeting invitations will be sent via email. ​Email Amy Bickford ​with questions.

When Do RRH Meetings Take Place?

Case conferencing meetings for Rapid Re-housing will now occur online in Go To Meeting every Monday at 2PM, ​EXCEPT ​the last Monday of the month.

​Details for The last Monday of the month are as follows:

Location: ​reStart HSC, ​1444 E 8th Street
Time: 2:00 pm

Letter from the Coordinated Entry Work Group:

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